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Textile surplus items are surplus or unsold textile goods offered by manufacturers, retailers or wholesalers. These products can end up in the remaining stock for various reasons, such as changes in season, overproduction or changes in the range.

As a rule, textile remaining items are new and unworn. However, they may also contain slightly damaged or rejected products, the quality of which we communicate transparently.

We offer a wide range of textile products including clothing, footwear, home textiles, accessories and much more. Our product range may vary depending on availability. However, we do not operate an online shop.

To buy textile remaining stock from us, please make an appointment with us. We also offer online consultation options. Please note the minimum order quantities and terms and conditions.

Yes, we usually have minimum order quantities for textile remaining stock. These may vary depending on the product type. Contact our sales team for specific information on minimum order quantities.

We strive to offer textile remaining items of good quality. However, quality may vary from product to product. We describe the condition and any defects in our product descriptions as accurately as possible.

Our remaining stock may contain products from different brands and manufacturers. The availability of branded products can change constantly.
Please contact us for current information.

We transport: by truck, plane or ship. Depending on which shipping company is chosen.

As a rule, we offer the opportunity to view and collect remaining stock from our warehouse. Please make an appointment in advance to ensure products are available.

We accept purchases on account and in advance.

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Do you want to invest in a sustainable future?

Our goal is to extend the lifespan of each item of clothing. We achieve this by pre-sorting the merchandise that we purchase from our customers. Depending on the specifications and quality levels, our goods are resold, repaired or recycled.

Our logistics are also optimized so that we can plan routes perfectly, use partner warehouses and make maximum use of truck loads.

GMG Transport & Picking GmbH stands for making fashion more sustainable. You can also help and become part of our mission today.

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