Securing our future sustainably.
Reconditioning. Reselling. Reusing.

„Our children should also benefit from our way of working. Seriousness, cleanliness and speed ensure long-term, trusting partnerships.“

Giorgia Macorig-Rogowski, Founder

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Our history

Working in the textile industry for 3 generations

The family of our founders has been active in the textile industry for several generations. Handling textiles was no stranger. When GMG Transport & Picking GmbH was founded a few years ago, the segment focused on the recycling of remaining items of fashionable clothing, shoes and accessories. Our warehouses of over 30,000 square meters and the wide network of global partners make it possible for us to work flexibly, fairly and quickly. Seriousness and trust towards our customers as well as sustainability are always at the forefront of our actions.

Our values:

Seriousness 100%
Speed 100%
Qualitative Brands 100%
Current collections 100%

Company metrics

sqm storage

Do you want to invest in a sustainable future?

Our goal is to extend the lifespan of each item of clothing. We achieve this by pre-sorting the merchandise that we purchase from our customers. Depending on the specifications and quality levels, our goods are resold, repaired or recycled. Our logistics are also optimized so that we can plan routes perfectly, use partner warehouses and make maximum use of truck loads. GMG Transport & Picking GmbH stands for making fashion more sustainable. You can also help and become part of our mission today.

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