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GMG Transport & Picking GmbH promotes sustainable environmental projects

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Strict controls

Our commitment to sustainability shapes every facet of our work. Through strict controls, we not only guarantee quality, but are also committed to comprehensive recycling. Our in-house sewing and processing facility enables comprehensive processing and reuse of textiles and shoes.

Transparency is particularly important to us. We clearly communicate to our customers the quality of the goods on offer, while at the same time following the principle: only what is really necessary is recycled.

Even in the recycling process, our focus is on putting the recovered materials back into the cycle in order to minimize environmental impact and promote the creation of new products.

Our partnerships with various companies in the field of shoe and textile recycling are a further expression of our willingness to take responsibility. We choose these partners carefully to ensure materials are responsibly recycled and reused in new products. Our responsibility goes beyond simply selling products – it shapes every action and forms the foundation for a sustainable future.

Efficient route planning

We rely on efficient route planning and the use of environmentally friendly means of transport to minimize our ecological footprint. We always strive to find the fastest delivery routes without compromising on sustainability. Our ultimate goal is to not only offer our customers high quality products, but also to ensure a first-class delivery service. By continuously optimizing our logistical processes and investing in innovative technologies, we strive to find the best possible and most efficient way for customer deliveries that makes both economic and ecological sense. Your satisfaction is what drives us and we always strive to continually improve our service to meet your expectations.

Modern and environmentally friendly logistical processing

Our corporate philosophy focuses on efficient and sustainable logistics in order to not only offer our customers the best prices, but also to ensure the fastest possible and environmentally conscious delivery. Our in-house logistics department specializes in finding the most cost-effective solutions to achieve the best prices for our customers. We work closely with suppliers and partners to achieve optimal pricing without compromising the quality of our services. We also attach great importance to establishing sustainable and environmentally friendly logistics processes.

Do you want to invest in a sustainable future?

Our goal is to extend the lifespan of each item of clothing. We achieve this by pre-sorting the merchandise that we purchase from our customers. Depending on the specifications and quality levels, our goods are resold, repaired or recycled.
Our logistics are also optimized so that we can plan routes perfectly, use partner warehouses and make maximum use of truck loads. GMG Transport & Picking GmbH stands for making fashion more sustainable. You can also help and become part of our mission today.

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